Centre Plans for 10% Reservation Bill for economically backward upper caste in Education and Jobs

Centre Plans for 10% Reservation for economically backward upper caste in Education and Jobs

The union cabinet approved a Constitution amendment bill to provide 10% reservation for economically backward upper castes in Educational institutes and government jobs. It will provide reservation to economically backward upper caste as well as to Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist and other minority communities. This reservation of 10 per cent is out of the existing 50% reservation for scheduled caste (SC), scheduled tribe (ST) and other backward classes (OBC).

What will be the eligibility for 10% Reservation Bill?

  1. People who own agriculture land less than 5 acres.
  2. People who earn less than 8 lakh rupees annually.
  3. People who own a house of area less than 1000 square feet.

these measurement change according to living location whether it is urban, semi urban or rural. The final detail will come after the bill will get passed and become an act. we will share that as soon as possible.

Challenges to pass the 10 % Reservation Bill

  • In the Indra Sawhney Judgement the supreme court has capped the reservation at 50 per cent.
  • The constitution does not provide reservation to anyone on the basis of economic status henceforth constitution amendment is required to pass the 10% reservation bill. 


Parliamentary procedure to amend the constitution

Parliament has to amend the constitution to pass the proposed quota of 10% reservation for poor among upper caste because the reservation will be above and over the existing 50% reservation. Parliament will amend Article 15(4) and 16(4).

The bill must be passed by both the house by absolute majority which is 50% vote of total members and by a 2/3 majority of members presented there.

The bill is likely to present before the Lok Sabha today (Tuesday).


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